SARS-CoV-2 S Protein Variant Expression Vectors

Virongy offers a series of vectors expressing SARS-CoV-2 S protein and its variants. These vectors can be used to express and purify S protein and its variants. They can also be used for the assembly of SARS-CoV-2 pseudoviruses. We also have SARS-CoV-2 M N and E expression vectors are available. This vector has been validated for expression of proteins and for the assembly of pseudoviruses. For more information, please contact us by email:


  • Protein Expression of S and its variants
  • Assembly of SARS-CoV-2 Pseudoviruses and Variants

SARS-CoV-2 S Protein and Variants

SARS-CoV-2 Variants Spike Mutations GISAID Accession No.
Wild Type None MN908947.3
D614G Single Mutant Spike D614G


Alpha (B.1.1.7)


Spike A570D, Spike D614G, Spike D1118H, Spike H69del, Spike N501Y, Spike P681H, Spike S982A, Spike T716I, Spike V70del, Spike Y145del EPI_ISL_581117

(B.1.351) South Africa

Spike A243del, Spike A701V, Spike D80A, Spike D215G, Spike D614G, Spike E484K, Spike K417N, Spike L242del, Spike L244del, Spike N501Y EPI_ISL_678597



Spike D138Y, Spike D614G, Spike E484K, Spike H655Y, Spike K417T, Spike L18F, Spike N501Y, Spike P26S, Spike R190S, Spike T20N, Spike T1027I, Spike V1176F EPI_ISL_833136
Delta (B.1.617.2)


Spike T19R, Spike del157/158, Spike L452R, Spike T478K, Spike D614G, Spike P681R, Spike D950N EPI_ISL_1841283
Delta Plus (AY.2)


Spike T19R, Spike V70F, Spiked del157/158, Spike A222V, Spike K417N, Spike L452R, Spike T478K, Spike D614G, Spike P681R, Spike D950N EPI_ISL_2929979


Delta Plus (AY4.2) Spike T19R, Spike T95I, Spike G142D, Spike Y145H, Spike E156G, Spike del157/158, Spike A222V, Spike L452R, Spike T478K, Spike D614G, Spike P681R, Spike D950N EPI_ISL_6777023
Epsilon (B.1.429)


Spike A222V, Spike D614G, Spike L452R, Spike S13I, Spike W152C EPI_ISL_847764
Epsilon (B.1.427/429)


Spike D614G, Spike E484K, Spike L452R, Spike S13I, Spike W152C EPI_ISL_1444002


Eta (B.1.525)


Spike A67V, Spike D614G, Spike E484K, Spike F888L, Spike H69del, Spike Q52R, Spike Q677H, Spike V70del, Spike Y144del EPI_ISL_1198845
Kappa (B.1.617.1) India Spike E154K, Spike L452R, Spike E484Q, Spike D614G, Spike P681R, Spike Q1071H EPI_ISL_1663368


Lambda (C.37)


Spike G75V, Spike T76I, Spike R246N, Spike del247/253, Spike L452Q, Spike F490S, Spike D614G, Spike T859N EPI_ISL_2921276


Spike T95I, Spike Y144S, Spike Y145N, Spike R346K, Spike E484K, Spike N501Y, Spike D614G, Spike P681H, Spike D950N


Omicron (B.1.1.529) Spike A67V, Spike H69del,Spike V70del, Spike T95I, Spike G142D, Spike V143del, Spike Y144del, Spike Y145del, Spike N211del, Spike L212I, Spike ins214EPE, Spike G339D, Spike S371L, Spike S373P, Spike S375F, Spike K417N,  Spike N440K, Spike G446S, Spike S477N, Spike T478K, Spike E484A, Spike Q493R,  Spike G496S, Spike Q498R, Spike N501Y, Spike Y505H, Spike T547K,  Spike D614G, Spike H655Y, Spike N679K, Spike P681H, Spike N764K, Spike D796Y, Spike N856K, Spike Q954H, Spike N969K, Spike L981F






Spike D614G, Spike E484K, Spike P681H EPI_ISL_778908


Spike D614G, Spike H69del, Spike I692V, Spike M1229I, Spike V70del, Spike Y453F EPI_ISL_616802


Spike D614G, Spike E484K, Spike G446V, Spike Y453F EPI_ISL_833413


Spike D614G, Spike H69del, Spike N439K, Spike V70del EPI_ISL_755592


Spike A262S, Spike D614G, Spike D796Y, Spike H49Y, Spike L452R, Spike N501Y, Spike P681R, Spike Q613H EPI_ISL_826591


SARS-CoV-2 S Protein and Variants Expression Vectors

Catalog No. Products Price1
pCoV2-S 1 μg of vector DNA expression S protein from SARS-CoV-2 $350.00
pCoV2-S(D614G) 1 μg of vector DNA expression D614G Single Mutant $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.1.7) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Alpha-B.1.1.7 $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.351) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Beta-(B.1.351) $350.00
pCoV2-S(P.1) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Gamma-(P.1) $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.617.2) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Delta-B.1.617.2 $350.00
pCoV2-S(AY.2) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Delta Plus-AY.2 $350.00
pCoV2-S(AY4.2) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Delta Plus-AY4.2 $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.429) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Epsilon-(B.1.429) $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.427/429) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Epsilon-(B.1.427/429) $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.525) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Eta-(B.1.525) $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.617.1) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Kappa-(B.1.617.1) $350.00
pCoV2-S(C.37) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Lambda-(C.37) $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.621) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Mu-(B.1.621) $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.1.529) 1 μg of vector DNA expression Omicron-(B.1.1.529) $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.1.207) 1 μg of vector DNA expression B.1.1.207 $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.1.298) 1 μg of vector DNA expression B.1.1.298 $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.2) 1 μg of vector DNA expression B.1.2 $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.258) 1 μg of vector DNA expression B.1.258 $350.00
pCoV2-S(B.1.494) 1 μg of vector DNA expression B.1.494 $350.00


1Academic and government price. Others inquire.
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