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Our virologists have an average of more than 20 years of experience studying viruses such as retroviruses, adeno-associated virus (AAV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), reoviruses, and baculovirus. We specialize in technologies related to the use of viruses as tools for research and therapeutics. We are experienced in the production of high-titer viral particles such as lentiviral particles and AAV particles. We have a series of in-house technologies to achieve optimal transduction efficiency even with difficult-to-transduce cells. Our virologists will work closely with you to meet your research needs. Contact us or fill out the quotation form below.

Stringent Quality Assurance, Fast Turnaround, and Small Lab Prices

Retroviral or lentiviral particle assembly
  • Viral particles for gene transduction, shRNA knockdown, or CRISPR/Cas9 editing with 80-90% efficiency
  • Assembly of high-titer viral particles
  • Construction of stable cell lines transduced with viral particles

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AAV particle assembly
  • Viral particles for gene transduction, shRNA knockdown, or CRISPR/Cas9 editing

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Stable cell line construction
  • Constructing and cloning of stable cell lines with gene modification or reporter

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Antiviral drug screening

Customizable antiviral drug screening and testing services.

  • HIV, HBV, herpesviruses, and BL3 viruses (RVFV, VEEV, et al.)
  • Proprietary cell-based assays for screening antiviral compounds
  • Cytotoxicity assays to ensure specificity

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Nucleic acid and plasmid purification
  • High-purity plasmid DNA purification services.
  • 1-2 mg ($150)
  • 4-5 mg ($350)
  • 10-12 mg ($500)

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  • Standard ELISA assays of your samples
  • Publication-quality data provided.

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Western blot
  • Chemiluminescence- and infrared-based detection of proteins of interest
  • Protein phosphorylation or relative protein abundance
  • Quantified, publication-quality data.

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Peptide synthesis

For fast, high-quality peptide synthesis at an unbeatable price, visit our sister company, Peptide2go.

  • Up to 100 a.a.
  • Any sequence combination, with special modification or labeling as desired
  • Prices as low as $1.90 per a.a.

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Dr. Tamaro Hudson, Howard University, College of Medicine

“We have been using Virongy to establish stable cell lines for our cancer research, and the cell lines have generated great results. We are extremely happy with their services. Virongy scientists are always accessible during the process. They provide quick turnaround and high-quality data.”

Antiviral drug screening using VIrongy VIroVision HIV-Rev-dependent indicator cells

The Virongy ViroVison HIV Rev-dependent reporter cells represent a significant advancement for HIV basic research. Engineered with the HIV-specific Rev Response Element (RRE), the Rev-dependent reporter cells provide unparalleled sensitivity and specificity for a broad range of applications, including screening broadly neutralizing antibodies and anti-HIV drugs. Derived from human CD4 T cells, our reporter cells express native levels of HIV receptors and are natural HIV targets with broad susceptibility to X4, R5, primary HIV isolates, and/or SIV. With GFP, Luc, or GFP/Luc detection options, our Rev-dependent cells provide a versatile and flexible platform to support your HIV studies.