About Us

Established in 2013, Virongy serves the virology field by developing virological reagents and tools. Our goal is to support research and clinical investigation.

Virongy’s mission is to provide scientists and clinicians with innovative technologies for studying viruses and viral vectors. Virongy provides virological services that meet the highest academic and industry standards, facilitating scientific discoveries, clinical diagnostics, and disease treatment.


Virongy provides the following research services:

  • Assembly of high-titer retroviral and lentiviral vectors
  • Construction of stable cell lines carrying retro- or lenti-vector-mediated gene transfer or shRNA knockdown of cellular genes
  • Production of infectious or non-infectious viral particles
  • Purification of viral proteins, such as HIV-1 gp120
  • Anti-viral drug screening and testing services (HIV, HBV, and biodefense-related viruses)
  • Routine plasmid purification, Western blot, and ELISA

Virongy also offers synthesized peptides to support your research. Our Custom Peptide Synthesis Service offers high-quality peptides at affordable prices for research laboratories. (Ask for our new investigator and new grant awardee discount program!)

See Virongy Services or Synthesized Peptides for more information. Click here to contact us.


Some of our clients include:

Dr. Priyanthi Gnanapragasam, California Institute of Technology

“We have been developing a new protocol for quantifying anti-HIV neutralizing antibodies using the HIV Rev-dependent reporter cell lines established by Virongy. We have been very happy with their services, and they have been of tremendous help. The scientists are always available for consultation via phone call or text, and they spent a lot of time in order to provide us with a technique guide for optimization. By working closely with Virongy, we were successful in developing a robust system for qualifying anti-HIV neutralizing antibodies.”