Infectin Transduction Enhancer

Infectin serves as a viral and nanoparticle transduction enhancer and increases infectivity rates by 5 to 20 fold.

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Size 200 µL, 700 µL, 1.4 mL, 5 x 700 µL
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Product Description

Product Description

A cutting-edge technology in virology research

InfectinTM is a novel adjuvant designed to facilitate viral and nanoparticle penetration of the cortical actin barrier, thereby greatly enhancing productive transduction. InfectinTM can be used to facilitate the transduction of a variety of host cells by different viruses, viral vectors, and nanoparticles. InfectinTM can enhance nanoparticle transduction and viral infection rates by 5 to 20-fold. Virongy developed InfectinTM based on the scientific theory that the actin cytoskeleton is a natural barrier for viral entry and post-entry intracellular migration (Yoder et al., Cell, 2008, 134:782).


  • Enhancing lenti- or retroviral transduction of target cells
  • Enhancing AAV vector transduction of target cells
  • Enhancing infection rates of other enveloped viruses
  • Enhancing lipid nanoparticle and exosome transduction rates
  • Facilitating recovery of infectious viruses from cell or tissue cultures
  • Facilitating anti-viral drug screening efficiency


  • Once thawed, InfectinTM should be stored at 4oC, and is stable for 3 months.
  • Do not re-freeze and do not leave InfectinTM at room temperature.
  • InfectinTM viral infection enhancer works with most cell lines to enhance viral infection. On average, InfectinTM enhances productive viral infection by 5- to 30-fold*.
  • InfectinTM is formulated at 10X concentration. For best results, when using InfectinTM for the first time, start with a higher concentration (final Infectin concentration may be 2X or 3X). The lowest effective dosage can be determined through a titration experiment (final InfectinTM concentration may be as low as 1X).

(*The degree of enhancement is affected by the type of virus and cells. Enhancement is strongest for enveloped viruses entering cells via membrane fusion.)

Turbo-InfectinTM is a nano-particle enhancer that seamlessly integrates Virongy’s InfectinTM technology with an additional attachment-enhancing buffer. This platform technology features a carefully designed large charged polymer, enhancing the binding of negatively charged nano-particles to the cell membrane surface. Our streamlined protocol has been thoughtfully optimized not only to improve transduction efficiency but also to simplify the entire process. This innovation represents a refined approach to cargo delivery, ensuring a more accessible and effective means of cellular modulation.

Turbo-InfectinTM offers invaluable benefits for laboratory professionals and researchers engaged in cell engineering or utilizing various RNA/DNA delivery tools. By seamlessly integrating Virongy’s InfectinTM technology with an attachment-enhancing buffer, this nano-particle enhancer streamlines the transduction process while significantly enhancing efficiency. By leveraging this dual approach, Turbo-InfectinTM surpasses previous technologies, achieving unprecedented efficiencies in cargo delivery. Turbo-InfectinTM empowers scientists with a versatile tool, enhancing the transduction and uptake of virus, nanoparticle, and exosome cargo, thereby accelerating breakthroughs in cellular modulation and molecular research.


InfectinTM enhances lentiviral transduction of Hep G2 cells:

Hep G2 cells were transduced with lenti-GFP vector in the presence or absence of Infectin