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Research services: Leverage 60+ years of our virologists’ expertise. We handle the assays, freeing you to drive groundbreaking research.

Our virologists will work closely with you to meet your research needs.

With our wealth of experience and cutting-edge technologies, we are dedicated to advancing the understanding of viruses and harnessing their potential for transformative research, diagnostic, and therapeutic advancements.

Custom Alpha-pseudovirus particle assembly

Retroviral or lentiviral particle assembly

Stable cell line construction

Antiviral drug and neutralizing antibody screening

Customizable antiviral drug neutralizing antibody screening and testing services.

Stringent quality assurance

Reliable results

Fast turnaround

Small lab and volume pricing

Nucleic acid and plasmid purification

High-purity plasmid DNA purification services

GPCR Expression Profiling

Production and Purificiation

Repetitve assays

Accelerate your Research

Custom research services led by expert virologists.