SARS-CoV Pseudoviral Neutralization Assay Kit

Kit Includes:

  • 5 mL of Pseudovirus Particles
  • 1 Tube of Ready-To-Use Target Cells (5 Million Cells/Tube)
  • 15 mL of VBI Infection Medium
  • 2 mL of Lysis Buffer
  • 3.5 mL of Firefly Luciferase Assay Buffer

Kit Does Not Include Standard Neutralizing Antibody – Available as an Add-On

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Product Description

Product Description

Pseudoviral Neutralization Assay Kit

Utilizing Our NEW Hybrid Alphavirus Pseudovirus Technology.

Now with ready-to-use cells! No need to culture cells or CO2 incubators. Cells come pre-counted so just thaw and go.

Virongy’s Pseudoviral Neutralization Assay Kit is superior due to the implementation of our newly developed alpha pseudovirus. Alpha pseudoviruses are a newly developed hybrid virus-like particle (VLP) that encapsulates an alphavirus-derived RNA genome for rapid expression of reporter genes (luciferase or GFP) in target cells (Hetrick et al., 2022).

Different from commonly used S protein pseudotyped lenti- or vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV)-pseudoviruses, alpha pseudoviruses are assembled with all of the structural proteins of the target virus. These particles contain a reporter genome derived from an alphavirus-based vector for rapid (4 hours) and robust expression of reporter genes. Alpha pseudoviruses represent a major technological advancement in the development of pseudoviruses and serve as a platform for rapid and robust quantification of neutralization assays, viral mutants, and antiviral drugs (Dabbagh et al., 2021; He et al., 2021).

Virongy offers pre-assembled reporter pseudovirions and variants. We also help customers to perform antiviral drug screening and quantification of neutralizing antibodies. For more information, please contact us by email: info@virongy.com

Alpha pseudovirus major advances

  • A simple protocol that is easier than an ELISA-based method
  • Higher Accuracy than a traditional ELISA-based neutralization assay
  • Faster speed compared to other pseudoviruses– (Maximum reporter expression between 12-18 hours)
  • More robust reporter signal – Alpha pseudoviruses take advantage of an alphavirus vector’s rapid and robust gene expression capacity for reporter expression.
  • High fidelity in particle structure – Alpha pseudoviruses contain all of the virus structural proteins but no structural proteins from other viruses.
  • A strong correlation with the live virus in neutralizing antibody assays. 

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